What is is a social network connecting drivers and companies offering jobs for drivers.

Why to register?

Registering as a company offering jobs for drivers, you are listed in the catalog of companies from which drivers decide where to apply. You can also search for drivers registered in the website according to your requirements for experience, knowledge and documents.

How to register?

There is a button Free Sign-up In the upper right corner of the website. Follow the steps and fill in the information that is needed to use the site.

Do I have to pay to use the services in

By registering, you get free access to the website and search engine of drivers. From there you can choose what criteria to search drivers and open their CVs. Full access to the information in CV is through the use of credits purchased in advance from free or paid plans.

Is it sure I will find a drivers for my company? connects drivers and transport companies, but in no way is involved in the hiring process. Negotiations for hiring, or other requirements arecommented between drivers and companies through direct contact outside the website. does not undertake, and does not guarantee that you will find employees using the site.

I entered my profile, what do I see there?

Once logged in, you see your profile page in You can change the information entered by clicking Edit in the menu, as to preserve the changes have to click Save after each change. Top right corner you can see the name of the company with which you registered, and when you click there you see another 4 pages - My company (this link will take you to the beginning), My drivers (there you can find all drivers whose profiles are unlocked with credits and have full access) Job applicants (here you will find all drivers who have applied for work at you) Payments (click there to see your orders, outstanding invoices and credit payments).

How to put logo to my profile webpage?

You can upload your logo to be displayed on your profile page during registration or by editing you profile, then on the Logo section click Browse and find and select the file you want to upload.

How do I contact with a driver who meets my requirements?

To contact the driver, you should have full access to their profile. This is done through the use of credits purchased in free or paid plans. Once you have purchased or received credits, access to the contact information of a driver takes 1 credit from your virtual account in Once you have gained access to the contact information you can contact the driver by phone or e-mail to schedule an appointment, terms and conditions of work.

How do I know that someone has applied for a job in my company?

In each application submitted, you will receive an email with a direct link to the CV of the applicant. Another way to find current and old applications is by logging into your account and then click the name of your company in the top right corner. From there, select Job applicants and will see all the drivers who have applied for work, on what date and a direct link to their CV.

Are all purchased CVs stored somewhere?

Since we know that many transport companies require drivers periodically, we offer functionality for that. All CVs, to which you have gained access through the use of credits are kept in your account and are available when you need them. To find them, log in, go to your company name at the top right of the website, click and select My drivers. There you will find all CVs of drivers who have been purchased from the website.

I want my company to be hidden for drivers, but to be able to search and get in touch with them.

No problem, your account can be hidden, which means that your company will not appear in search results by drivers. This is done by going in you profile page then click Edit from the menu and there you will find the option to hide your profile.

I ordered a plan, but didn't received credits.

When ordering free plan, credits are added to your account immediately after completion of the order. When ordering paid plans at the end of the ordering process you will receive an proform-invoice by which you have to pay the amount. Please be sure to enter reference order number in the payment receipt. If the case is different, please contact us via the contact form.

I have another question not answered here.

Send your inquiry through the contact form in the upper right side of the website and we will answer you as soon as possible.